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Kübra Karabas is a passionate artist who is always creating in the pursuit of her artistic expressions. She is explorative with her materials, using things around her in combination with acrylic, oil and charcoal mediums. Often working with large-scale pieces, her expansive, spirited personality shows through in her broad range of styles. Painting the beauty of the human form, she utilizes abstract, modern, portraiture, and landscape techniques. Currently, she is experimenting with digital painting and mural work, expanding her practice off of the aisle and taking her process outdoors.


For the past eight years, Karabas has been living in the United States. Originally from Turkey, she studied Economics before moving to Boston, Massachusetts in 2014. Continuing her studies, she graduated from Fine Arts at Quincy College and achieved her Master’s in Interdisciplinary Studies at Cambridge College. In 2021, Karabas moved to Delray Beach, Florida where she shares and collaborates in the studio space “What Color Next?” with artists Matt Gracie and Steve Judd. In April 2022, Karabas had her work exhibited in the Art Expo South at Delray Beach, Florida. Her work has also been shown at Gallery 263 and the Outdoor Art Show with National Art Drive in 2020. Karabas’s work has also been a part of the Art Battle Boson, a competition in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Image by Ella Jardim


Always inspired, I approach art similar to my drive in life. I do not let anything inhibit my freedom to create. Allowing myself to be in the moment, I rely on my intuition to spontaneously choose my artistic visions. In dream-like visuals and colors, I explore the beauty and complexity of the human figure in a broad range of expressionistic styles. Art is a way for me to express the spirit of the soul. I capture this connection through the organic movements and formations that flow through the human body in reflection of these powerful feelings. My dreams often guide me, and I incorporate colors and imagery that comes to my mind naturally. My process of painting follows a similar approach, shifting the figures in my work dynamically and inevitably,combining various bodily movements and parts into a visual story. As I re-work a painting, I add various brushstrokes and textures until I feel that a piece is finished. My artwork is a mirror into my own lively outlook on life. As I continue to flourish and experience the world through the strength of my sense of self, my art grows into a more powerful, spirited impression of the outer world.

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